Friday, March 17, 2006


Merci mon Dieu, c'est vendredi!

It's Friday, thank your God. If you are like me, you hop out of bed tossing aside the
warm covers hugging instead the possibilities of a fleeting weekend.

Thank God it's Friday! It's the incantation that brings the work week to a close
before your feet even hit the floor. If you are like me.

Merci mon Dieu, c'est vendredi. Merci mon Dieu, c'est vendredi! It's the singsong refrain
that keeps my feet moving happily from my bedroom door to my office. My feet, tucked beneath my computer desk tap out: Merci! mon dieu! C'est vendredi! drumming out all the mishaps and frustrations of the week as the clock ticks me nearer the weekend.

Oui, le week-end, which the very mention of, brings on dancing feet!

Ça suffit comme ça!

Ça suffit comme ça = enough, now it's quitting time

Photo: Harlem à New York City, en septembre 2005

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