Monday, May 03, 2010


My fellow francophiles, it does look like I'm gaining more knowledge about chocolates made by companies located in French-speaking countries more than the French language itself. Admittedly my tongue has been more busy with chocolate than French conjugations.

On my most recent trip to New York to visit my favorite nephew – fellow francophile and chocolate lover – we both could not resist stepping into "la maison du chocolat" located at the Rockefeller Plaza. Admittedly, he stepped out with his mother a bit earlier than I, overwhelmed at all the chocolate he just wanted to look at, touch and have.

This was actually my first time in the Parisian house of chocolates, anywhere - so I was eager to do a taste test with my nephew. I chose a beautifully boxed set of six different bite-sized creations. I think half of the price I paid for the chocolate was actually for the packaging... tres cher!

So... without further ado- my nephew's taste test results:

Here he's just put a piece of chocolate in his mouth. I imagined him thinking "Hmmm... never tasted something like this before..." but he didn't actually say a word at this point.

Now he's savoring the chocolate, letting it melt on his tongue and forming his opinion.

The critic finally looks at me solemnly and pronounces:

"It REALLY IS dark chocolate, Tita!"

I smiled and ask "shall we have another piece?" A rhetorical question that we both answered by reaching for another piece of yummy chocolate.

Last but not least- Bitesize French lessons: