Thursday, March 29, 2007


For the past few weeks, well- two days shy of the whole month of March, I've been saying je me sens malade and doing little else in French. It's been a case of mal à la gorge, mal de tête et tousser.

Je me sens mal
and I didn't want to make myself feel worse by just writing
about learning French and not actually doing it. While I'm not at the crossroads of Choosing between Language Learning and Blogging the fact I hadn't written anything in over four weeks and did very little language learning might make anyone think I'd given up entirely. Pas vrai! The thought never even crossed my mind. Vraiment!

I began this blog during my milestone 10th lesson to eventually be able to pronounce
and explain those things I found so c'est intéressant in French. It was also supposed to serve as motivation for me AND my teacher. With that in mind there's really NO excuse to not be able to write at least one French sentence a day, is there?

En fait, ce vendredi, je vais avoir ma cinquantième leçon de français!*

: my what's-left-of-this-year's-resolution à la française. Join me in the comments
box! I'll be listing my sentences weekly and you are welcome to add one of yours or provide a link to all of your week's sentences. Allons-y!

je me sens malade I feel sick

je me sens mal I don't feel good

mal à la gorge sore throat

mal de tête headache

tousser to cough, coughing

pas vrai not true

vraiment really

allons-y let's go

*This sentence has been corrected because I don't want to be spreading "bad French".
If you want to learn from my mistakes look in the comments box where I have written my original sentence (wince) with an English translation, or rather my intent.

La photo: Driving through a snowy night in Germany. Janvier 2007