Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Le neveu

Je suis un "tita"! Well that's what the parents are calling me. The baby, if it were French, would maybe manage to get out tata or tatie. Which is part of le langage enfantin.

Mon neveu a quatre mois and so we aren't really communicating in any language much less French. He makes sounds, drools and toothlessy gnaws on my finger.

So what does my first nephew, an American, have to do with my French?
Mon neveu est très mignon. Il est un bébé si heureux! Il sourit toujours! Et quand mon frère, le père fier, l'observe il est encore plus mignon quand il pleure. La tante fière est d'accord. Totalement mignon.

What he's doing for my German, too!
Mein neffe ist sehr niedlich. Er ist ein glückliches Baby! Er lächelt immer! Und wie mein Bruder, der stolzer Vater, beobachtet ist er viel niedlicher wann er weint. Die stolze Tante stimmt zu. Total niedlich!

And with some imagination (and help from the grande-mère) what I could be saying
in Tagalog Ang pamangkin ko ay napaka "cute". Siya ay masayang sanggol! Lagi siyang nakatawa. Ayon nga sa aking kapatid, ang nagmamalaking ama, lalong nagiging "cute" pag umiiyak. Ang nagmamalaking tiyahin ay sang-ayon.Talagang cute na cute.

Oui, I'm baby-talking, too.
Not exactly saying "gazou gazou" but talking a lot about my baby nephew.

tata, tatie aunt
langage enfantin baby talk

Mon neveu a quatre mois my nephew is four months old

grande-mère grandmother

My nephew is very cute. He is a happy baby! He's always smiling! And as my brother, the proud father, observes he is that much cuter when he cries. The proud aunt agrees. Totally cute.

La photo (merci monsieur_foufou): Taxi ride, NYC. Juin 2007.