Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ma maman

Ma maman est en Amèrique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill. Yes, my mother is in America but she's got no interest in Buffalo Bill. This is a band dessinée about somebody else's mother: the author's. It's a story about a part of Jean Regnaud's childhood wonderfully illustrated by Émile Bravo.

I was browsing the Children's section of Payot Libraire with my adorable, book-loving, seven-year old French guide/expert, Alexandra when I began to judge the book by its charming cover. I showed it to Alexandra. We thumbed through the pages together. I looked at her questioningly: Que penses tu? She smiled and nodded her approval.

I've tried to read other French children's books before but they were woefully still too advanced for moi. So it was with pleasure that I read and looked at it (it is after all a comic) AND understood Jean! It's my favorite French book of all time, so far. And not because I understood more than half the French and all the illustrations but because the story is touching and that paired with the endearing illustrations make this book lovely to read and look at again and again, with a big knowing smile.

La photo: les koalas chez Hartleys Creek Crocodile Farm, à Cairns.

Novembre 2004 en Australie.