Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quoi de neuf?

What's new? Well to follow the old saying, "pas de nouvelles, bonne nouvelle", you'd have to assume good news since I haven't posted for more than a month. In any case - j'étais trés occupée.

Part of what's keeping me busy is what's helping me keep sane when I am too busy: beaucoup de chocolat! I might be slipping with mes devoirs de français but I'm still enriching my French vocabulaire and satisfying my discerning sweet tooth thanks to the Belgian chocolatiers les frères Poncelet.

chocolat au lait
chocolat au lait aux amandes grillées
chocolate noir aux écorces d'orange confites milk chocolate

Délicieux! You can find the complete vocabulary list (in French, Flemish, English and German) to tantalize your tastebuds at the Dolfin website. Better yet, find a store near you that carries the chocolate bars.

And if you aren't interested in chocolate- elsewhere in the world there's news to be read and seen on Newsmap (Merci mon ami Mike pour le lien). Check out the French version to see which news items take up the most space- in Google's world at least!

pas de nouvelles, bonne nouvelle no news is good news

j'étais trés occupée I was very busy
beaucoup de chocolat a lot of chocolate

les frères the brothers

délicieux delicious, yummy

La photo: Chocolaterie Walder à Neuchâtel. Août 2007.