Sunday, November 09, 2008


Il y a beaucoup de règles de grammaire en français.

Il y a beaucoup d'utilisations de "de" aussi.

I haven't yet mastered the many rules for the usage of "de". I'd been
actually forgetting to use it at all in some situations: during my weekly lesson last week, for example.

Before last week I'd have said or written "Il y a beaucoup règles" or "Il y a beaucoup
utilisations" to indicate that there are many rules or many uses. That would be a literal and wrong translation since "beaucoup" is always accompanied by "de" when talking about many things or people.

There is an upside to this rule- it's not very complicated. There are only two

beaucoup de
beaucoup d' (for words starting with vowels or vowel sounds like "h").

That's it.

A bit anti-climactic, huh? If you'd like to be more engaged with beaucoup
you might want to check out the Forvo website with their many words! Their tagline reads "All the words in the world. Pronounced". This website lets you "add words, pronounce, listen & learn".

It's still the beta version and not all the words in the French world have been
pronounced for our listening pleasure but you can already listen to over 1200 words. So go ahead, say it (actually record it, too) and let your French be heard: Beaucoup de mots!

Devoirs- If you'd like homework, ahem, I mean to know more about beaucoup de and other expressions of quantity and do a quick exercise check out this website: Tex's French Grammar.

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