Thursday, December 09, 2010

Photo Duet: Chill

Last day of this week's Photo Friday Theme: Chill. Stepping out for a few quick errands today and "brrrr" - the weather in my corner of the world is in line with the theme.

I'm racing to get the photos (three in one) posted but wait- chill! Or rather du calme!

gauche Chill in the air, on the trees, on the rooftops...
A Taninges, France en fevrier 2009. Photo p_ff.

droite "Chillin under the gun"
In the waters of the Atlantic so it's "chilly chillin"
A Le Mans, France en août, 2002. Photo composé par KK.

chill - verbe transitif
mettre au frais make cold (food, wine)
vin blanc frais chilled white wine
frapper make cold (champagne)
glacer make cold (glass, person)
être glacé jusqu'aux os/jusqu'à la moelle
to be chilled to the bone/to the marrow

chill - verbe intransitif
se refroidir
rafraîchir chill out

chill - noun
la fraîchuer, la froideur coldness
il fait assez frais; un peu froid there's a chill in the air
son observation a jeté un froid dans l'assemblée
his remark cast a chill over the meeting
j'ai senti une certaine froideur dans son accueil
I sensed a certain chill in his welcome

chill out - verb intransitif
décompresser (familier)
du calme! chill out!

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