Thursday, December 09, 2010

Photo Duet: Chill

Last day of this week's Photo Friday Theme: Chill. Stepping out for a few quick errands today and "brrrr" - the weather in my corner of the world is in line with the theme.

I'm racing to get the photos (three in one) posted but wait- chill! Or rather du calme!

gauche Chill in the air, on the trees, on the rooftops...
A Taninges, France en fevrier 2009. Photo p_ff.

droite "Chillin under the gun"
In the waters of the Atlantic so it's "chilly chillin"
A Le Mans, France en août, 2002. Photo composé par KK.

chill - verbe transitif
mettre au frais make cold (food, wine)
vin blanc frais chilled white wine
frapper make cold (champagne)
glacer make cold (glass, person)
être glacé jusqu'aux os/jusqu'à la moelle
to be chilled to the bone/to the marrow

chill - verbe intransitif
se refroidir
rafraîchir chill out

chill - noun
la fraîchuer, la froideur coldness
il fait assez frais; un peu froid there's a chill in the air
son observation a jeté un froid dans l'assemblée
his remark cast a chill over the meeting
j'ai senti une certaine froideur dans son accueil
I sensed a certain chill in his welcome

chill out - verb intransitif
décompresser (familier)
du calme! chill out!

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I really like your blog! I find myself learning french by my own, and your blog its really handy and practical in terms of de nouveaux mots et de phrases to learn french more easily.

le petit foufou said...

Salut PS!

Thanks for reading and for your mots aimables!
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