Sunday, November 18, 2007

J'attendrai le suivant

It's been a waiting game for the last few weeks. Faithful readers have been waiting for a blog post. I'd been waiting to go on vacation (Afrique du Sud!) and admittedly procrastinating posting. Gasp!

I wanted to wait until my African Safari was over to surprise you all with pictures of lions, leopards, herds of elephants- OH MY! I did see the "big five" and more and have the pictures to prove it but we all have to wait a little bit longer as sorting through deux mille cinq cents quatre-ving-quatre photos is a bit time-consuming.

The wait for a blog post is over though! Enjoy this short film (only quatre minutes et trente-sept secondes): "I'll wait for the next one".

deux mille cinq cents quatre-ving-quatre 2584

literally two thousand five hundred four (times) twenty (and) four

quatre minutes et trente-sept seconds 4 minutes and 37 seconds

Listen and learn your French numbers at: