Monday, April 14, 2008


Je suis de retour
, never having really abandoned my French learning but skipping out on a month of blog posting.

What can I say? "Hi, again" for starters. En français it's a matter of "greetings reloaded" using the "re" at the beginning to get rid of the the "again" at the end: resalut, rebonjour, et rebonsoir.

And apropos "Encore" - this is really Janet Jackson singing in French!
French lyrics below in my comments box.

Je suis de retour I am back again

rebonjour good morning again

resalut hi again

rebonsoir good evening again
encore again

Be aware that the use of "re" and greetings is controversial- haven't found any rules about it online but for an interesting discussion check out this thread at the word reference forum on the usage of "rebonsoir"

La photo: A female Impala saying hello on the grounds of Kruger National Park in South Africa. Mi-octobre 2007.