Friday, August 15, 2008


Photo Friday's challenge this week is: Self-portrait.
That's under A - as in autoportrait - in my French vocabulary list.

Autoportrait meaning that you draw, or since it it's a photo challenge, that you take a photo of yourself. Not the autoportrait where the robot draws you.

J'ai choisi d'aller au photomaton. Oh- not the one in the streets or in the corner of some supermarket. The one on the Mac. Oui, c'est moi avec mon cahier français.

Start your photographic vocabulary list today and join me on Photo Friday!

J'ai choisi d'aller au photomaton. I decided to go to the photo booth.

Oui, c'est moi avec mon cahier français. Yes, it's me with my French notebook.

Check out the robot that draws on robotlab.
If you're a photo booth fan or a fan of French faces check out
Aux origines du photomaton (via photobooth)

C'est moi- l'autre autoportaits:
Là j'étais
Heure d'été and the Learned
Beaty is in the Eye of the Beholder

La photo: août, 2008.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Smells like French Spirit

French soaps are renowned, lovely to use and make great presents.

So I'm always on the lookout for French soap wherever I go. A recent trip to Hamburg drew me once again to the Perle Shop (they carry some cute French products). So when I saw the colorful box with the big blue RIVALE written on it I thought "bonjour" and snapped it up!

Turns out Claus Porto was saying "bom dia" to me. The Grapefruit Fig bath soap which tempted
me is in fact made by the oldest, family-owned soap manufacturer in Portugal. Oh, I thought- almost in disappointment until I turned over the brightly designed box and read the fine print: "Aromatic composition (made in France)".

Photo d'aujourd'hui: Les savons parfumés, trouvé à Hambourg en avril 2008.