Monday, March 27, 2006

Heure d'été and the Learned

How smart the French are!
Whether you mean daylight saving time or summer time they both translate to heure d'été. Even though we in the European Union have already lost our precious hour yesterday (those in the USA hang onto theirs until the first Sunday of April) we have gained the right to start planning our summer vacation today! What a great way to start a Monday, oui?

More of the savant French!
What's on your list of fantastic places to visit in France? Is Urville on it? Because the only way to describe this city and its creator, Gilles Trehin, is fantastique!

savant = literally 'knowing (person), learned, knowledgeable

savoir = to know

Photo: à Séoul, la capitale de la Corée, en octubre 2003

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