Monday, March 06, 2006

Je vous présente un moucheron exceptionnel

Illustration Friday's
theme this week is "insecte".

Mon amie, Damsel Fly, has obliged me by supplying her drawing of a special pollinator. It's no ordinary mouche and should not be confused with it's relative, le moustique (known to stephi as "flying moustaches").

Why you should love this fly:

1- Midges have no ability to bite and do not carry any human diseases.
2- Midges are superlative: la plus rapide! They beat their wings over 1000 times per second!
3- Midges are pollinating agents: Bonjour, cocoa tree! They are little chocolate makers!

Vive les moucherons! La joie du chocolat!

un insecte = insect
une mouche = fly
un moucheron = midge fly
un moustique = mosquito
mon amie = an exception to the rule, my friend (fem.)

L'illustration: "Chocobug" depicts a Midge Fly, also known as Forcipomyia
Illustratice: Damsel Fly © 2002


Space Yam said...

I like the simple clean lines of this. It looks like a logo for something, it has that small-and-meaningful feeling about it.

Bron Smith said...

I like the accurate way that you portayed the legs on the fly. Nice drawing.

Anonymous said...

I really think you should keep on going with this wonderful blog