Monday, March 13, 2006

Concours d'adresse

Game of Skill

Do you know what the following means?

1 - Taille tôt, taille tard, taille toujours en mars

2 - Sème tes pois à la saint-Patrice, tu en auras tout ton caprice

3 - Quand mars se déguise en été, avril prend ses habits fourrés

More importantly, can you translate it into English? If you answered yes and aren't a French citizen or French is not your mother tongue then you've definitely got skills.

If you are game: go to, read the rules and maybe you'll be the historic prize winner of the first Game of the Week, (podcast 35). Hurry, this week's game ends on March 15! Bonne chance.

Et moi? Encore charabia, charabia, charabia!

Photo: Niederwald Denkmal also known as Germania in the background
à Bingen en Allemagne, en mai 2005


sebastien said...

Well, well, well ...
I saw that you are asking your reader about advices for the last game!
But I can't say anything, I did not wrote that one on the list of rules :)

This week, there is another game: will be a little easier, and I actually give the list of prizes, way before the end (last time was a book, a 10 $ gift certificate on itms ...).

so,I do not know ifyou haveplaylast time, but this time, there is a week to participate!

let me know, it will be upby tonight.


le petit foufou said...

Bonjour Sebastien-

Oh non, I wasn't asking my readers for advice,
I was recommending your game to them! Maybe,
that's not in the rules either? :-)

Anyway- I do hope some of my readers tried- or
maybe even won?

In any case thanks for letting us know about the
next one- and since you say it is a little easier,
petite_ff will try this time, too! :-)