Saturday, August 02, 2008

Smells like French Spirit

French soaps are renowned, lovely to use and make great presents.

So I'm always on the lookout for French soap wherever I go. A recent trip to Hamburg drew me once again to the Perle Shop (they carry some cute French products). So when I saw the colorful box with the big blue RIVALE written on it I thought "bonjour" and snapped it up!

Turns out Claus Porto was saying "bom dia" to me. The Grapefruit Fig bath soap which tempted
me is in fact made by the oldest, family-owned soap manufacturer in Portugal. Oh, I thought- almost in disappointment until I turned over the brightly designed box and read the fine print: "Aromatic composition (made in France)".

Photo d'aujourd'hui: Les savons parfumés, trouvé à Hambourg en avril 2008.

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seamus said...

Thank you for your helpful blog. I live in France and am trying to learn the language. I can speak it reasonably well, but my comprehension is poor. I dont think you are a foufou at all. I think you are very clever!
Best wishes,