Friday, February 03, 2006

What's Love Got to Do with It?

Je t'aime.

Those three words (posing and sounding as two) make a lot of people swoon. Those are words of love! Well... not only.

Pre-French-Class I thought that Je t'aime was akin to a marriage proposal.
Je t'aime. I love you, he says and you say it back and voila you are one step nearer that altar. Well, okay- not in France.

In France, they fully understand the meaning of aimer: to love or to like. Oui! Let's rewind to that summer of love in France- "Je t'aime," he said over and over but after the summer it was "au revoir" or maybe the heavenly farewell "adieu." You were crushed. No phone calls or letters when autumn came. Winter was indeed very cold.

That summer of love- it was maybe just the summer of like.

Photo: Swiss National Day, Feux d'artifice over Basel
minuit, en juillet 2005


stephi said...

"That summer of love- it was maybe just the summer of like."

C'est poétique! Et c'est vrai! En français, on aime, on aime bien, on aime beaucoup ou on n'aime pas, mais c'est toujours "aimer" ;o)

Bravo pour ton blog petit foufou (petite fofolle? ;o) ), tu as été plus rapide que moi!


tesa said...

brilliant! absolutely brilliant! the multiple styles, multiple ideas and multiple languages... harmonised in a unique dimension. more! more! more!