Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pour les intellectuels

In the late 1980's there was an anti-drug television and poster campaign that was all over America: This is Your Brain on Drugs.

Vous rappelez-vous? It involves an egg and a frying pan. A man shows us an egg and says "This is your brain". He shows us the frying pan and says "This is drugs". He cracks open the egg and drops it into the very hot frying pan and says "This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"

Well you might be questioning what is today's picture all about. C'est mon cerveau pendant l'immersion française.

In June I was in the French Alps again for another French immersion. It's the second day of my weeklong program. We are dealing with pronouns. Grammar! I need something to fortify and soothe my nerves while dealing with pronouns.

I go into the kitchen and put the théière on the stove to heat the water. I go back into the "grammer room" to review and learn more about pronouns: subject, direct and indirect, reflexive, imperitive and disjunctive. Disjunctive? They are also aptly called stressed pronouns!

Soudainement, je me rappelle... oui, la théière! I run to the kitchen and there I see: my brain on French pronouns! My French teacher's wife is more positive- she sees the tea kettle, smiles and exclaims "les intellectuels"!

C'est mon cerveau pendant l'immersion française It's my brain on (literally "during the") French immersion

Vous rappelez-vous? Do you remember? (formal form)

Soudainement, je me rappelle... Suddenly, I remember...

la théière tea kettle

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à la Pioneer Woman

La Photo: Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny, Juin 2009.

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