Wednesday, August 08, 2007

La comparaison

Monsieur Parfait, one of my French teachers, asks me if I'm already familiar with the comparatifs et superlatifs. A simple oui from moi (to avoid a grammar reminder) and we get right down to a few practice sentences.

He asks me to say "his leg is less long than mine". Sa jambe est moins longue que la mienne. Obviously Mr. Parfait thinks that detailed sentence is also much more of a challenge than just saying Il est plus grand que moi. N'importe quoi.

Both sentences are true. I am truly shorter than the average male in the world's tallest countries. 1.7 inches shorter than the average Frenchman! Ah- but a whopping 3.2 inches taller than the average Frenchwoman.

Et toi? Find out where you stand!

Il est plus grand que moi He is taller than me
N'importe quoi Whatever

La photo: Les Murrays quelque part en haut New York, juin 2007.

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