Saturday, August 05, 2006

What it takes to be a man

Quelle est la différence?

He's kind and so is she. To the French: il est gentil et elle est gentille.
They are both beautiful and happy. In France: Il est beau et heureux et elle est belle et heureuse.
She's quite patient - but he?

elle, americaine: tu es impatiente!

il, française: impatient (masc.), impatiente (fem.), l'impatience

elle: you have the impatience of a woman then!
il - he smiles and chuckles. Apparently he also has a bon sens de l'humour.

It's not only the "le" that "makes a man". As with nouns, so with
adjectives: the ending separates the femmes from the hommes.

Vive la différence?

Quelle est la différence? What's the difference?

bon sens de l'humour a good sense of humor
Vive la différence! Long live the difference

La photo: on the grounds of Real Alcázar (Plaza del Triunfo) à Seville en Espagne. Janvier 2006

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