Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm ok, you're ok, it's ok

In French, being ok is when "it goes": ça va.

Not only can you say ça va to indicate your well-being but you can also say the movie was ok, the food was ok, the plane trip was ok... basically everything has the potential to be ok, if not "interesting".

In the present you can answer ça va to both questions :

Comment allez vous?
How are you?

Comment est le livre?
How is the book?

In the past you you have to differentiate between yourself and a thing or situation:
j'étais ok
I was ok

c'étais ok it was ok

In the future, to assure people that you will be okay or maybe assure
them that their situation or experience of something like reading that book will be ok you can say ça ira.

It's easy to be or find something ok in the present and the future: everything,
including you "is or will be going". In the past, distinctions must be made between you and it and it is a matter of "being" rather than "going". But in the end, tout est ok or even better, tout va bien!

say it loud- say it proud:

ça ira I will / it will be ok (literally "I or it will be going")
tout est ok everything is ok

tout va bien everything is good (literally "everything goes good")

La photo: Street Art à Nice, en France. Juin 2006.

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