Saturday, May 13, 2006

Who's afraid of-- a smile?

La question du jour had me thinking about creepy, crawly, slimy snakes and insects. Berk!

I shuddered at the thought and looked over the answers that were already there.
The first answer perplexed me. Les souris? Huh? I read it out loud to myself. Hmmm... sounds familiar.

Oh yeah, smile. Wait. What?! Smile? She's afraid of a smile? I read the second answer.
Someone else is afraid of this animal?! Maybe it's slang?

I looked it up online and was greeted
by smiles. Below the bright smile I found something that may indeed cause fear (although not for elephants): a mouse.

berk = yuck
le sourire = smile, grin

je souris = I smile

tu souris = you smile

la souris = mouse, computer mouse

la photo: Mascot of the Dubai Summer Surprises

aux Émirates arabes unis, juin 2005

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