Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

Today, there are a lot of muchachos and muchachas celebrating General
Ignacio Zaragoza's underdog victory over French invaders at the Battle of

Puebla in Mexico in 1862. A stampede of cattle was even set off as part
of the effort
to stop and literally crush the invasion.

Today, Cinco de Mayo is also widely celebrated in the United States where it seems to be doubly as festive than in Mexico. And indeed, why not?
Mexican-Americans have twice the reason to celebrate: Zaragoza's victory also prevented the French from helping the rebel Confederates.

Understandably there isn't any celebrating in France today. However, the French
don't have to wait long to celebrate and enjoy a day off: May 8 is la fête de
la victoire!
On Monday, France and the rest of Europe celebrate the end of the
Second World War.

Cinco de Mayo = 5th of May
la fête de la victoire! = VE Day

la photo: Apache Canyon Ranch Bed & Breakfast
à Laguna (Albuquerque) au Nouveau-Mexique, en septembre 2001

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