Friday, April 14, 2006

Word up!

Before I attempt to string words together into complete sentences that lead to meaningful conversation with French speakers I've been practicing using the words and phrases I've learned in the right context. Sometimes, even during conversations in English.

A selection of my frequently used words and phrases thus far:

coucou hi

bonjour tout le monde
hi everybody
bien sûr
of course
pas de probléme
no problem
comment tu dis... ?
how do you say... ?
Je te parle bientôt
talk to you soon
quel dommage
what a shame
Je ne comprends pas
I don't understand
Je vois
I see (as in understand)
sans blague
duh! (as in it's so obvious why didn't I see/understand it before)

and how apt is it that zone tampon means no-man's-land?!

listen, learn, repeat and parlez!

Photo: At the border of no-man's-land en le Sultanat d'Oman

en juin 2005

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