Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Est-ce un poisson d'avril? Non, ce n'en est pas un.
Est-ce une soupe de poissons? Non, pas tout à fait.

Est-ce qu'on nourrit les poissons? Oui, mais ils n'ont pas l'estomac rempli.

All this talk of fish- makes a vegetarian hungry, doesn't it? And once they've had their fill of fish (or the fish of breadcrumbs)... what would they say?

Of the many translations of full it would be easy to go with
"full". However, as far as I know you can't say "Je suis full" to indicate that you are well-fed, stuffed, gorged, glutted and so on. It does, however, announce that you have a "full house" in poker.

What you can say:

J'ai l'estomac rempli I have a full stomach
but NOT Je suis rempli because
that would suggest that you are pregnant. (I asked my French teacher what would it mean if you're a guy saying this. She chuckled and replied, "he's in trouble!").

J'en peux plus I can't take any more

Je suis rassasié I am satisfied

Is this an april fool/fish? No, it is not.

Is this fish soup? No, not exactly.

Is this a fish feeding? Yes, but they aren't full!

Photo: Fish feeding on breadcrumbs at the Kewarra Beach Resort à Cairns
en Australie, en novembre 2004

I've submitted this photo for Photo Friday's "full" challenge. Yes, you can vote for it.


eppel said...

How about, "I can't get no satisfaction"?
Rien ne peux me satisfaire.

julian said...

Coucou, :o)
I am loving your site more all the time and finding some of the links to other sites which open new worlds to me!!! In particular www.kirchersociety.org/blog/ !! Merci!
Is there any way you might be inclined, at some point, to include a hint of pronuciation on some of the words that you introduce, for those of us who are yet hopeful that we may be able to speak them out loud? (Even if only in our broom closets, late at night, so that our cats will not mock us)
You are terrific! Thank you!

le petit foufou said...


eppel: nice translation- so you are still hungry, eh?

julian: yeah, Athanasius Kircher is très intéressant and the blog is doing him justice, no?

As for your pronunciation requests- you see that I have incorporated audio files twice. More to come. However, we cannot have the cats mocking you (in your broom closet nonetheless!) so here are some sites that have what you might be looking for:

http://www.frenchpodclass.com (also check out his video vocabulary!)

And if that doesn't stop the cats from mocking you- threaten to volunteer them for Kircher's Cat Piano: http://www.kirchersociety.org/blog/?p=116

Bonne chance! (good luck)