Monday, January 14, 2008

bon vs. bien

"Quand, je me sens pas bon...," I started to say.

My French teacher burst out with a good-natured laugh and proceeded to explain
the difference between using bon and bien with the verb sentir.

Thankfully, she realized I was mistaken when I had said, "When, I don't smell good..."

I knew that bon and bien both mean essentially the same thing: good. Sentir, I know from when I am feeling sick: je me sens malade. What I didn't know was that sentir can also mean to smell.

So unless you want to tell the world you smell- use bien with sentir!


je sens, tu sens, il sent, nous sentons, vous sentez, ils sentent
Quand, je me sens pas bon When I don't smell good
Quand, je me sens pas bien When I don't feel good

La photo: A Jackass penguin during molting season. Without his feathers he still looks good but he does stink! At Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. Novembre 2007.


hi!monkey said...

molting season can be so cruel.

le petit foufou said...

oui- this penguin probably would rather trade places with an international singe of terry cloth. :-)