Friday, July 06, 2007

Close, but no cigar!

A refresher lesson about the pronouns qui and que in relative clauses has me trying for the proverbial French cigar. I want to hear those French congratulatory words: tu as fait un tabac.

I try. Close, but no cigar. After a few more botched practice sentences for qui and que I want to at least be able to say "close, but no cigar" in French. Turns out that if you can't get it right- the French don't even want to mention a cigar.

C'est presque ça, mais pas tout à fait.

tu as fait un tabac to be a success; literally: to have made a cigar
C'est presque ça, mais pas tout à fait one of many ways to say: close, but no cigar; literally: it's close to it, but not completely

La photo: Beer-thirsty bee. Avril 2007 en Allemagne.

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