Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I'm not sure which is easier: letting go of an old habit or acquiring a new one. In the ideal world I would be replacing a bad habit with a good one.

Five days have gone by since I've started my daily French sentence project. The effort, or not (day 3), have so far replaced the effort I usually put into my homework. Luckily, my efforts (no matter how little) have paid off so far. I find myself learning new things, remembering important things and on my way to mastering things I know through constant practice.

The important thing is to have a bit of French everyday. The challenge is fine-tuning that bit of "everyday French" so that it becomes a fun routine that maximizes the results of the efforts put in.

Right now the routine I'm trying to firmly establish is my weekly lesson, my daily sentence and my homework. Yes, in that order. A tall order if I don't want to disappoint my teacher because my homework is last on the list but not least.
Here are my daily sentences (share one of yours in the comment box, or provide a link):

jour 2: On ne peux jamais s'habituer à regarder le caca de chien

You/One can never get used to seeing dog poop.

jour 3: --

jour 4: Mon excuse pour hier était le vertige de la page blanche et le manque de temps.
Pas de phrase hier, alors deux aujourdh'hui.
My excuse for yesterday was writer's block and lack of time. No sentence yesterday therefore two today

jour 5: Il y a des factures a payer

There are bills to pay

Now, off to shower (number 14 of 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper and Better) and then get that homework done for this week's lesson.

La photo: On the grounds of the Montfort Castle in Tettnang, Germany. Mars 2007.


le petit foufou said...

Spot or just chuckle at the mistakes (my original, uncorrected sentences):

day 2: on ne puex jamais s'habituer à regarder le kaka du chien
day 3: --
day 4: Ma excuse pour hier étais angoisse de la page blanche et manque de temps. Rien de phrase hier, donc deux aujourd'hui.
day 5: C'est les factures à payer.

Ramchip said...

It's late but here are two things you might want to change:

jour 2: On ne peux jamais s'habituer à regarder le caca de chien.
[du chien would mean you're talking about a specific dog, say your neighbour's. de chien means of dogs in general. Also, le caca is a childish expression; we usually say les crottes de chiens.]

jour 5: Il y a des factures à payer.
[here 'a' is the verb to have (avoir), so it doesn't take an accent]

Just a quebecker passing by ;)

le petit foufou said...

merci beaucoup as it's never too late, especially to correct mistakes.

jour 2- I agree with your suggestion- and have changed to de chien. I'll leave the "caca" though (don't like to actually touch the stuff) as the sentence in itself is pretty childish, non? :-)

jour 5- oh, absolutely right again!

please pass on by more often!