Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Best of 2006

Le Theme de cette semaine sur Photo Friday est "Best of 2006". The picture I've picked probably does not speak the same proverbial thousand words, especially French, to everyone so I'm going to just list some words (not a thousand and not all French!) that meant something to the Francophile in me in 2006.

Learn French at Home
Stéphanie et Céline
C'est intéressant That's interesting, It's interesting
Adieu farewell

Aimer to like, to love

Pourquoi pas? Why not?

essayer to try

c'est marrant it's fun

FrenchPodClass avec Sébastien

Mieux vaut tard que jamais (literally = Late is worth more than never)
Better late than never

voyager to travel
Nice, Cannes, L'Esterel, Theoule, Saint Raphael en France!
Merci por ton aide Thanks for your help

I would also love to add the names of the readers, commenters and those who've
written to me per eMail- you know who you are! Merci! You've helped make my French Learning fun!

La photo: à Bali, en Indonésie. Septembre 2006.


eppel said...

Happy New Year! Um, how do you say that in French?

You'll be glad to know we celebrated Nouvel An with some Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Vraiment c'est interessant


Anonymous said...

Bonne annee!

Hey, got here via a link from Sebastien's frenchiepodcast site. I'm also someone who's trying to learn French from home (actually I'm kinda outdated since I'm only just starting on the podcasts).

Will definitely visit here again -- your photos are lovely!

I also noticed your photos from Bali, are those recent?


le petit foufou said...

The first week of 2007 is over- if you consider Sundays as the first day of the week...

Bonne Année, Eppel!

Et merci à toi aussi, Diane.

Thanks for coming by, Z. By all means become a repeat visitor. The photos of Bali are from September 2006.

Cheers to all! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey again,

It's life's little pleasures in discovering a nice, interesting blog to read nowadays. ;)

Close coincidence, I was in Bali in October 2006. ;)

Did you like it there? I live just slightly above, northwestern of Bali in KL, Malaysia.

A bientot,

le petit foufou said...

Salut Z,

Merci pour le compliment! It's nice to have appreciative readers. ;-)

I like Bali a lot- definitely worth a repeat visit. You are lucky that you live so close.

à plus tard,