Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm lovin' it

In Canada it's c'est ça que j'm while in France it's c'est tout ce que j'aime. But actually I'm not professing love for McDonalds or its hamburgers. The "Big Mac" that has my heart is a Macintosh Powerbook G4.

For a few hours a week my Mac turns into French Learning Central. And what makes learning on a Mac even more fun? Applications! Or rather what Philippe Galmel programs and calls utilitaires.

Je vous presenté le Minuteur. I use it to time myself when studying French. It's amazing to see how much homework I can accomplish in just 15 minutes- especially when I stop, take a break and do something else and then go back for another 15-minute session. When I'm really enjoying my French diversions (balados, jeux, chansons) I'll actually time and therefore limit a nagging distraction otherwise called work.

Un minuteur is also helpful when your motivation and energy level has you dreading devoirs- you can accomplish a lot in 5 minutes, too. Just don't forget to take that break when the timer stops so you can enjoy what you've just finished. Put your feet up or set le minuteur and explore the other offerings of Monsieur Galmel: utilitaires et jeux pour mac, pc et palm; une belle collection de chansons françaises en mp3 et divers!

Tic-tac... goes the French clock!

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baladodiffusion podcasting

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devoirs homework

belle nice (fem.)

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tic-tac tick-tock

La photo: Le coucher du soleil à la Costa del Sol en Espagne. Janvier 2006.

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